Thursday, June 30, 2011

June in the Record Books

It was an amazing month both in terms of money won and hands played. I shattered both of my previous records. I played a total of 325 hours or about ten hours a day. There were a lot of times where I didn't feel like playing and was way off my game but I mostly played lower limits during those times. The high limit games have really died down the last week or so. The first half of the month, there were several going every day and the last 7 or 10 days, it's been very slow. I'm hoping this is due to the main event. We'll see in a couple weeks.

I'm up to about 605K VPPs and need to average about 6250 a day for the rest of my time here to make SNE. I've been shooting for 7K a day since family will be visiting us up here and I won't be able to play as much during those days. Also it's possible I get sick or something unexpected comes up so it'd be nice to have a cushion going down the homestretch. I'm planning on leaving at the beginning of September and am really looking forward to taking a few months off and relaxing. I do intend on doing a lot of studying and work with HEM. I haven't been able to do that at all with all the hands I'm playing but I've been making a list of things I want to look it.

Good luck at the tables to everyone in July.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fast Start to June

It's been a great month so far. I'm on pace for about a 130K month with bonuses which would be my best ever. Still a ways to go so hopefully I haven't jinxed myself. I have played a ton of hands, about 51K to this point. To put that in perspective, that's more than two hands per every minute of the month. I've run extremely well at 30-60 at 50-100 and have run at least a big bet above expectation for my last 50K hands at 50-100 so I feel very fortunate there.

The games continue to be sporadic, sometimes it's like pre-black Friday and other days there are very few games running. One minute I can be playing 6 tables of 5-10 and 10-20 and the next playing 5 tables of 30-60 and 50-100.

On the VPP front, I'm up to 505K and need to average about 6400 a day to make SNE by September 1st. It's going to be tough.