Thursday, September 27, 2012

Statistical Year In Review

I thought it would be fun to do this and also serve as a good reference in future years.

Here's a statistical breakdown of the year:


Hands Played: 510471
Money Won: $296971
Rakeback Earned: ~$120,000
Total Money Won:$416971
Money Won Per Hand:$0.82
Total Hours Played: 2082
$/Hour: $200.27
Average Hours Played per Week: 58

% of Hands Played By Limit: 

10/20:  24.4%
15/30: 29.5%
30/60: 24%
50/10: 12.4%
100/200: 6.5%
200/400: 2.6%

Average $ Won Per Hand By Limit Including Rakeback:

10/20: $0.39
15/30: $0.64
30/60: $0.84
50/100: $1.06
100/200: $1.86
200/400: $3.15


Biggest Downswings in BB's:

860 BB's (In 13K Hands!)
690 BB's (In 31K Hands)

Biggest Upswing: 2400 BB's over 130K hands (No downswing more than 250 BB's over that stretch)

Longest Breakeven Stretch: 173,000 Hands

Biggest Downswings in $ (Excluding Rakeback):

102K over 30K hands
70K over 24K hands

Biggest Upswings in $ (Excluding Rakeback):

203K over 169K Hands (No downswing more than 28K over that stretch)
98K over 47K hands

Longest Breakeven Stretch: 

238,000 Hands


Approximate money lost to power outages and internet disconnects:$16,000
Approximate money paid/to be paid in taxes before deductions: $175,000

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SNE #4 and A Great Finish

I made it for a fourth consecutive year.  It's quite a relief not to be forced to play.  I'm hoping not to play another hand this year but there's some chance I may play while visiting a friend in Canada later this year.

I had another incredible month, running at over 2 BB/100 for 60K+ hands.  I actually ran at 3.5 BB/100 for about a 30K hand stretch at the beginning of the month which is very possibly the best 30K hand stretch I've ever had.  My last 120K hands or so of the year were played at 2 BB/100 which is really remarkable.  The most well-known high stakes recreational player was absent during that time so I'm extremely fortunate.  I'm planning on doing a review of the year at some point soon but suffice to say it was a miserable year by my standards up until the last seven weeks.  This was the first year I didn't exceed the income of a previous year but I did end up having a very respectable year when it was all said and done.  Time to relax and forget about poker for a while.

Good luck at the tables.