Friday, May 25, 2012

Stake Variance

At first glance it looks like I'm having a decent month:

The reality though is that it's been pretty ugly:

This really has been the theme to my whole year, particularly since I got to Costa Rica.


I ran above expectation at high limits last year and this year I'm running way below expectation.  It's been a pretty ugly year by my standards but I'm confident my high limit results will improve.  I feel like I've played some of the best poker of my trip the last week.  I actually stopped drinking the tap water here after basically every Costa Rican poker player that I've talked to has told me they're on the worst losing streak of their life.  It's the only common denominator I can think of.  I also have been eating super healthy  and am doing cardio regularly.  In fact, we just bought a treadmill for our apartment here.  I'm doing everything I can do put myself in the best possible position to succeed.  If only the only cards would start cooperating.

Due to my subpar year so far, we've extended our stay here another month.  It looks like I'll be here till about mid-July, then home for a few weeks and then off to Playa Del Carmen Mexico for a few months. I'm hoping by that time to make SNE and take the rest of the year off.

As it stands I'm up to about 425K VPPs which I believe puts me a week or two ahead of pace.

Good luck at the tables and hopefully my next update is a big upswing.