Monday, July 1, 2013


I've received a lot of emails and comments since mentioning that I may offer coaching this fall.  The main obstacle in coaching is that I don't think it's worthwhile for me to be improve my direct competition, even at $500/HR.  And the vast majority of people who can afford that price tag are going to fall under that category.  So I've come up with a different possibility:

What I'm thinking of doing is offering group coaching via Skype, conference call, or some other communication medium.  I could coach approximately 5 people at a time and the price would be around $75/Hour per person.  The students would be limited to micro, small, and medium stakes players.  $5/$10 would be the highest limit a student could be playing to be eligible for coaching.

There are a couple different coaching formats I'm envisioning and frankly I'm open to any ideas that people have.  One format would be to have a question and answer hour where people take turns asking me questions.  The questions could be based on any topic.  They could be as broad as preflop play or as specific as what action to take on a specific street from a hand that was played

Another possible format is to have a mutually agreed upon topic that we discuss, for example 3-betting or big blind defense, and I'd spend the hour talking about that and answering questions related to it.  In addition to the hour, I would offer to answer one or two follow-up questions via email and be accessible in the future via email for the odd question here and there.

None of this is set in stone by any means but I'd like to hear people's thoughts and get a feel for the type of interest.  So please email me at or leave a comment in the comments section if you are interested.  I will be home October 15th so if there's enough interest and I'm feeling up to doing it, the coaching would likely run from the end of October to the end of December.


  1. these idea sounds like a good idea. Although if i may add one thing. The category where mutual agreement on which topic then i think that you'd need some visual too like you open up teamviewer or and show a powerpoint show where you go through the ideas and things. making it more structured and I know myself included that we'd like a visual view to learn and process faster. than "just a voice" on skype .. especially if its foreign language then it might be difficult for someone to fully understand what you have to say. Did i make myself understandable ?

  2. Yep that's a good idea. If it was a mutually agreed upon topic it would give me time to prepare what I was going to talk about and actually I could just email any visual stuff that went along with the lesson.

  3. exactly a good idea. and also i might suggest that its allowed to record the session audio wise. so people can listen to it again. I find that very helpful with my experiences with former coaches.

  4. Replies
    1. I would make an exception for you since you're not as advanced as most people playing higher limits. I don't mean that in a bad way so don't take it wrong but your situation is a little different.

      Just send me a quick email at, that way I can get back to you if I do end up offering coaching. Thanks - Tony

    2. the other regs are gonna be mad at you for coaching one of their easy targets ;P