Friday, October 17, 2014

Fantasy Sports Links

I feel a little guilty even posting these but at the same time I think it's kind of stupid not to.  I'm posting links for the various fantasy sites so if anyone that reads my blog wants to sign up and signs up through the links, I'll get a portion of your rakeback.  It's basically the same deal as how affiliates work with poker.

I actually received several offers through the years to post links, banners, etc. in my blog in return for a fee and always refused.  I've never really done the whole affiliate thing but with all the interest in Fantasy sports and all the people contacting me with questions and interest I think it would be dumb not to post them.  So if you are interested in Fantasy Sports, have liked my blog, and would like to give something back to me, the links are below.

I also linked the 2+2 "Well" in case you haven't seen it - you can ask me anything there and I'll be happy to respond.  Also I linked a PokerFuse article that was written the other day about my transition to Fantasy Sports.

I actually had decided a few months ago that I wanted to keep my decision to transition to DFS kind of low-key.  Oops.  Well that's all out the window at this point.  I really wasn't expecting so much attention and interest.

DFS Links:




If anyone has any DFS questions regarding the sites, feel free to email me at

2+2 Well:



  1. Tony, Team USA needs some help, go practising. Europe again Mosconi Cup winners, fellow county man Niels Feijen MVP(3rd time last 4 years), nice!

  2. Haha, I wish I was good enough to play for the Mosconi Cup, that's gotta be the thrill of a lifetime.

    Europe's tough man, a lot of good players. Poker actually hurt the US pool players a lot. A lot of pool players transitioned into poker and before poker, pool was often the thing to do for gamblers growing up in the US. Without any big tournaments or incentives, there really aren't many reasons for young Americans to play pool.

  3. Lol, didn't you see The Hustler well if you need so many incentives to play i guess you were not born to become one of the greats. Don't forget black Friday has been a while now, but still no victories for USA ;)

  4. It's hard for me to speak on how pool is viewed in Europe but in the US, it's not really something kids aspire to do. There's no money it and pools rooms come with a seedy reputation through movies like the Hustler. So it's not a game that many people are drawn to. Many of the types that are drawn to it are competitive gamblers who don't conform to traditional society. These are many of the same types that drawn to poker. BF or not, the damage has been done.

    We probably need another movie like The Hustler or some personable and/or well known gambler like Minnesota Fats or Willie Mosconi to rise to fame for there to be more interest in the game.

  5. Ha no, just need to withdraw some $ so have to play some hands since I had $ transferred to me. I hope I don't have to play again but time will tell.