Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The End of a Downswing

At least I hope it is. I went through a 520 big bet and $23,000 downswing over about 7 days and 15,000 hands. Coincidentally, 520 big bets exactly matches the longest downswing I've ever experienced which took place earlier this year.

I dare say it's over because I'm about 200 big bets and 10k off of my lows. I also say that because I feel like I'm playing a lot better the past two days than I did the previous seven. Although much of the downswing can be attributed to variance, I definitely exacerbated matters by playing poorly at times. I think I got very complacent at the tables and lacked focus and concentration. This is the second time this year where I've gone through a big upswing and then lost focus and starting playing almost on auto-pilot. I also tend to play longer sessions when I'm running bad. This isn't so much about winning money back, more about my personality which is to fight harder when things aren't going well. This doesn't work well with poker though, playing 5 tables 8-10 hours a day is asking too much. By the end of those days, I'm making many more mistakes than I would being well rested. I need to just step away and call it a day when things are going poorly.

On the VPP front, I'm at 360K which puts me about 2/3 of a day ahead of pace. I have some trips coming up including a Vegas trip to play some World Series events - I will blog about that soon.

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