Saturday, February 9, 2013

Off To The Races

I've had quite a start to the year, I'm now up 65K and 750 BB's in about 37K hands.  I'm running at about 2 BB/100 over this stretch.  I've been through a number of similar stretches in the past and it's very easy to get disillusioned with myself thinking I've got it all figured out and am going to maintain this type of win rate.  The reality is I'm a 1.25 BB/100 winner over millions of hands and I can't point to anything that would of changed that besides variance.  I do think I improve every year I play, I'm constantly thinking of ways to play hands differently and better ways to exploit regulars but in the end that probably translates to a small fraction of big bet.

The mistake I've consistently made in the past during these stretches is to take things for granted and get complacent with my game.  I'm vowing not to do that this time and to stay focused and give 100% effort at all times.

At this point I'm very accustomed to the ups and downs involved in playing five or six hundred thousand hands a year.  I've come to look at it as one big journey where I know they'll be some incredible ups, like now, and some incredible downs, like a 600 BB downswing in 3 days last year.  The key I think is to embrace it and know in the end that if stay confident, focused, and motivated that I'll turn a nice profit when it's all said and done.

In other news, we're now at our fourth apartment in Playa Del Carmen.  We were supposed to have moved a few weeks ago to a more permanent place and apparently the apartment flooded and the roof collapsed.  So the rental company has upgraded us twice to different places while we're still waiting for that apartment to be fixed.  We've finally got a nice view of the beach here, that's tough to come by without paying a fortune in PDC.  The internet has been consistently bad everywhere we've been but the wireless backup card, though slow, has been serving it's purpose.

Good Luck at the tables everyone.