Sunday, June 17, 2012

Positive Stake Variance And An End To My Worst Downswing

I ended my last blog hoping my next post would be about a big upswing and sure enough it is.  Had I only known that's all it takes.

Aside from a couple exceptional days I still don't feel like I'm running too well overall and that's reflected in my win rate.  I'm at about 1 BB/100 for the year now which is about a quarter of a big bet lower than I've averaged the past few years.  I don't think I've played fantastically by any stretch this year though so it is possible my win rate isn't too far off.

I also just eclipsed my previous dollar high which took place 170 thousand hands ago.  Yes a hundred and seventy thousand hand break-even stretch, by far the longest I've ever been through.  A big part of it is playing stakes that range from 5/10 to 200/400, the higher the stakes I play the longer I anticipate these types of stretches to last due to the irregularity of high stakes games running.  Going into the year I had had several 100 thousand hand breakeven stretches but I wasn't regularly playing 100-200 and 200-400 until last year.

On the VPP front, I'm up to about 525K.  We've decided to stay in Costa Rica until early September instead of traveling home and then to Mexico.  I'm hoping to make SNE by then and take the last 3-4 months of the year off.  I need to average something like 5500 VPPs a day for the rest of my time here to do that so it'll be challenging.

Good luck at the tables everyone.