Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The End of a Vicious Downswing

I powered through what was my worst downswing in recent memory and possibly my worst ever. I was down about 550 big bets and 35K at one point. I've actually been lucky to run well at 50-100 all month or it could have been worse money wise.

I'm still down a couple hundred big bets and a few thousand on the month but I feel a whole lot better. I get pretty stressed out when I run that bad and my natural reaction is to play, play, and play some more. I'm now within 4 days of SNE pace and have no intention of slowing down for the rest of the month.

Poker is a crazy, crazy game. I've read that 99/100 fail at becoming professional poker players and I wouldn't doubt that it's an even higher failure rate. It's incredibly difficult to maintain composure during these types of streaks - to not tilt, not play higher limits, drop down limits if necessary, and maintain your best game. All it would have taken was for me to decide to play 100-200 or 200-400 after I was down 350 big bets to try to recoup my losses and I'd have busted my account.

I've got my fingers crossed I continue to run well. As I always say, the cards have no memory so anything's possible.


  1. It is amazing what a good couple days can do! Nice comeback Tony, saw you ran real good the last 3 days. Saw you make a sick call for $587 with just K high. That was sick!! -JG

  2. Thanks Jeff. By the way, great camera work in that pool video. I was just watching a few games and you did a really good job zooming in and out - I had no idea you were doing that.