Saturday, November 13, 2010

November Update

Things seem to have returned to "normal" at least for the time being. With the exception of one 150 big bet downswing at 50-100 in the span of about 400 hands, it's been a relatively tame month. I think I'm running fairly well and playing well.

The games just seem to get tougher and tougher. When I think back to almost two years ago when I started playing on PokerStars, the games were much, much softer. The player pool of good regulars was probably half of what it is now, and there were many more fish. I used to open a 15-30 and 30-60 table for heads up games and I rarely had any competition. Now there are days where 5 or 6 guys are doing the same thing as me, opening tables, and trying to get in as many hands as possible heads up before someone sits. When I started it wasn't uncommon for me to play heads up against players for extended periods of time. Now I'm lucky to get 3 hands in before someone sits. And in some instances the entire table fills with regulars before I finish the first hand.

I'm hoping the trend of improved play and less fish doesn't continue much longer or I'll give serious consideration to splitting my bankroll across several different sites. SuperNovaElite is great and works out to almost 80% rakeback but another six months of this trend and I'm not sure the rakeback would compensate for the increased earn I could find at other sites. For now though I'm still on Stars. And on the subject of SNE, I'm now 1 day ahead of pace at about 872K VPPs.

This is what the month has looked like so far:


  1. Glad to see you are back on track and ahead of SNL! Welcome back Tony..... JG

  2. Back to crushing the games... nothing to see here. :)

  3. like your vids on cr. i had a question for you....i notice in your stats, that you have a low'ish afq% of 51%(or equivalent af of 1.7). i am small stakes grinder with similar stats of vpip=35, afq%=51. but, the common 2p2 wisdom is that afq% should be between 53-55. you are crushing the games without being aggro enough. anyway your thoughts on the matter?

  4. Yeah I'm aware I'm more on the passive side compared to most players. I've actually seen very successful players with much lower AF's and much higher AF's than myself.

    What's really important is your overall game plan and strategy and making sure you have a balanced game. The aggression is a function of that but by itself not so important.