Monday, August 15, 2011

Down the Stretch

I'm up to 873K VPPs. I pushed back my return date to the US to Sept. 6th to give me a little breathing room and still have enough time to make my cousin's wedding in South Dakota on the 10th. I still need to average about 6100 VPPs a day to make it. It's been incredibly challenging, I'm completely burnt out and sick of poker. I've been totally unmotivated this month and often just going through the motions at the table to get hands in. My win rate is probably spot on for the level I'm playing at. All in all, it's just been a frustrating month because I hate playing when I'm not on top of my game. Only three weeks to go thankfully. And for anyone thinking of doing something similar, don't do it. Don't even think about doing it. ~750 VPPs in 3.5 months playing limit borders on insanity.

On the banking front, I found a convenient way to get money back to the US cheaply. I was able to open an account with Canadian Forex. I'm now able to make a bill payment from my TD Canada trust account to CF and have it wired to my US account in about 4 days. The fee is somewhere around 1% which beats any of the banks.

Good luck to everyone at the tables. I'm really looking forward to playing no poker for three months, I never thought I'd say it.


  1. Have you consider starting to play PLO? Simply by observing the mid & high stakes action on Stars it looks quite obvious that if FLHE games are not dead just yet, the moment when it happens is very close.

    You are obviously a very smart poker player, so I would assume that it wouldn't take that long from you to become a winning player at 3/6 PLO and up.

    And let's face it, PLO is quite a bit more fun than FLHE :-)

  2. Yeah you have a good point, I think the limit games could evaporate at any time as well. I am intending to study another game when I get home, either no-limit or Omaha.