Thursday, March 22, 2012

Back Playing In Costa Rica

We got into Jaco, Costa Rica about a week ago. We're right on the water in a beach town that's loaded with restaurants, bars, and shops. The weather has been about 85-90 every day and pretty humid some days. The people all are pretty friendly though they don't all speak Spanish so there's a little bit of a language barrier. I was able to get a bank account and internet setup with the help of Poker Refugees and started playing a week ago.

On the poker front, I've run exceptionally well at 200-400 and below average at most of the other limits.. I feel like I'm playing well though there's been a couple of days where I wasn't at 100%. The games seem to run from about 10 AM - 7 PM here and I'm working on adjusting my schedule to that. I've been waking up at 6 AM every morning for some reason.

I won't be posting a whole lot of results this year, my primary goal this year was to process oriented and forget about results. That said, I know a lot of people enjoy seeing them so I will post them every now and again.

If I have some time, I will add some pictures from Costa Rica as well.

And on the VPP front, I'm at about 160K VPPs, behind pace but I should be back up to speed in a month or so.

Good luck at the tables.


  1. hey tony do you offer life coaching?

  2. Haha, I'm not too sure I'd be that great of a life coach :)

  3. Man, Glad to see you continuing the nice run! Jamena must be cooking you some good food! See you in Summer.- JG

    1. Thanks Jeff, look forward to seeing you and playing some pool.

      And yeah without Jamena's cooking, I'd be in big trouble. The food here is pretty rough compared to San Fran.

    2. If you are aware now that you have been result oriented in the past, then it looks like you don't have a problem and posting some graphs here won't harm you. We really enjoy them :) Also your strategic posts were great. Can we expect them as well? There is no much solid LHE content these days. Good luck at the tables and with SNE chase!

    3. I will try to post a strategy post or two this year. It may not be what you think but it definitely will be geared towards improving your poker game.

      And thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it.

  4. so pleased to have found this blog .
    best of luck , keep raising that bar.