Thursday, January 24, 2013

Change of Travel Plans and a Good Start to 2013

We ended up coming to Playa Del Carmen Mexico which is a popular hotspot for American poker players.  In the end I didn't think I'd be able to fade the time difference in the Philippines.  One of main reasons I wanted to go to the Philippines was to play pool and if I'd be up all night playing poker, I don't think I'd have any time to play pool so ultimately decided on Mexico.  Playa Del Carmen is really nice and I'd definitely recommend it for a vacation.  It's very safe and there's a main street called 5th Avenue loaded with bars, restaurants, and shops that runs parallel to the beach.  We aren't settled yet, we're at our second location since being here and will probably move at least two more times.   It's very difficult to get a place right on the beach here so the two places we've been have a view of the beach but it's still probably 100 yards away.

On the poker front I haven't played at anywhere near the frenetic pace that I'm used to playing at so I'm pretty far behind on hands.  I'm at 22K VPPs in about ten days that I've been here.  I felt pretty rusty the first couple days I was here and have since felt very good at the tables.  I'm running extremely well so far, hopefully it keeps up.

The plan is to keep grinding here probably until mid to late March and then head back to the US to spend Easter with my family and then off to another country to play poker, I'm not sure where yet though.  Hopefully I can get some pictures taken here, I will post them if I do.

Good luck at the tables.



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