Sunday, June 30, 2013

June In The Books

June ended up being a great month, my best of the year.  Looking back at the previous thirty-six months, it ranked sixth in terms of money won and I believe second or third in terms of big bets won.  I was up 1000 big bets after twenty-six thousand hands this month which I believe is the shortest amount of time I've ever reached 1000 BB's since playing on Stars.  I was playing a lot of heads up earlier this month against several regulars including Jama-Dharma, whom I'm sure many of you are aware of our public feud.  The added heads up hands were probably the single biggest contributor to that stretch, I ran at close to 10 BB/100.  Considering how dead the high limit games were, I'm extremely happy and fortunate with the results - 61% of my hands came at 15/30 and lower.

This will be the last month I post any results in my blog aside from posting losing streaks and perhaps an end of the year recap.  I'm finding a lot of the regulars are employing my strategies against me and it's undoubtedly due to me making my success public.  I've made three major changes to my game over the last year or so and there are several regulars now that have implemented the same or similar changes to their games. It's really quite frustrating because I put a lot of work and thought into my game and I almost feel like my ideas are being stolen. So I don't think it makes sense to keep publicly posting about my success and having people copy my strategies.  I realize people are still going to copy my strategies regardless of whether I post results here but I do think it will help the situation somewhat over the long run.

I've had several people either write in the comments or email me that they really enjoy reading about my downswings, my mental state during them, and fighting through them.  So I will continue to post those along with my thoughts.

On the VPP front, I'm up to about 535K and need to average 4400 a day for the rest of my time in Cabo.  That should be very doable.  I'm going to shoot for 5,000/day so that I have the flexibility to take time off if necessary.

I hope everyone has a profitable July, good luck at the tables.


  1. Congratulation for this great month! GL in the future, Im looking forward every update you write! :-)

  2. Thx for sharing Tony. Do you ever think about playing live cash games at commerce or WSOP side games? I think you would crush the white chip commerce games. Is it just not worth the time investment to play live in addition to making SNE? Good luck

  3. Yes I have, in fact I may go there later this year and check it out. I have a good friend that plays regularly in those games and does very well. He's been telling me for a while I should go so I may meet him there for a week or two later this year.

    I don't like live poker though, I've never been able to adjust to the pace of it and I tend to get very impatient after four or five hours and start playing a lot of hands I shouldn't. I'm sure if I was playing high stakes like 200/400 I wouldn't have that problem though. Still it's not an enviornment I've ever liked. But that said, if I could make anywhere near the same amount of money and only have to travel a few hours from home, I think I would do it.

  4. Did you actually notice a change in your BB/BU-ration, since you started the thread on 2+2 about Jama? In my experience the problem with 'buttoning' HU has become better at least a bit. Most of the time it happens now, I think it's due to somebody not paying attention.

  5. Well the main thing is that there isn't one guy consistently starting with the button and playing short sessions anymore. I have made an effort to start more tables myself with the button after becoming aware of this so that has definitely helped my BB/BU ratio.

    Stars really needs to randomize the button but in the interim I don't see anything wrong with starting with it assuming you've opened the table and are willing to take on players heads up. And the other important thing is that the player who starts the table needs to genuinely be committed to playing a full ring or 6-max game and not just be doing it with the intent of leaving after an orbit or two like Jama was.