Monday, October 14, 2013

5 In a Row!

Rejoice mid/high stakes limit HE players, I won't be sitting at all your tables for twelve hours a day at least for another two to three months.  I'm hoping to take the rest of the year off and come back in mid January but that's dependent on how my other gambling endeavors go, mainly sports betting.  There's a chance I may make a 1-2 week to Toronto to visit friends and play, otherwise it'll be next year.

I exceeded my expectations this year in terms of money won but my win rate decreased slightly from last year.  I still think there's quite a bit of room for improvement in my game though.  I put minimal effort into my game but plan on doing some work/studying when I get back home.  My biggest strength by far this year was emotional control.  The number of decisions I made that were influenced by emotion were less than any other year.  If I had to venture a guess, I'd say less than 1 out of every 1000 had any emotion involved.  So I'm happy there but not too happy with the overall progress of my game.  I also was extremely unhealthy for the last five months of this year.  I didn't work out a single time.  That's the biggest thing I need to change next year.

I will likely do a statistical review like I did last year and compare the two years.  Also starting next year I think I'm going to start tracking things daily like money won/lost, big bets won/lost, along with things like how much water I drank that day, whether I worked out, and my general mindset.  I'd like to get a gauge on just how much these things matter.  I'm not sure even a year worth of data is going to tell me too much but eventually I think the data could prove useful.  It also will commit me to staying hydrated, working out, and paying attention to my mental state.  And out of curiosity, I'm interested in the type of swings that can occur on a daily basis.  This year alone, I believe I had my winning-est day ever, winning 371 BB's along with three of biggest losing days ever: I lost around 250 BB's each of those days.  It's likely just variance at play but there seemed to be many more extreme days than usual.

This is what my year ended up looking like.  I'll be thrilled if I'm as successful next year.

Good luck to everyone still chasing SNE.


  1. Nice one sir! I think I can safely say on behalf of all limit regs, you wont be missed much :) Have a nice calm rest of the year, see you in January!

    Oh and thanks for the last post, even though I didn't agree with all of it, it was inspiring for a 1st time sne chaser like me.


    1. Thanks for leaving a comment and good luck the rest of the way with making SNE.