Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Good Week

Still a day to go but it has been a good week. I'm about 700 VPPS ahead of pace now which is about one fourth of one day (~2800 per day needed to keep pace). Nothing to get too excited about but hopefully I can continue to widen the gap and actually take a day or two off. I went through about an 8K upswing playing mostly 15-30 followed immediately by a 8K downswing, again mostly 15-30, followed by a 8K upswing, all in the span of 2 days this week > See Graph Below

I am starting to feel the wear and tear of playing 6-8 hours every day. I had a headache for three days this week which is very unusual for me. Nothing really changed other than playing so much poker so I'm assuming it's poker, perhaps stress related. I actually don't feel too stressed out. More burnt out at times than anything. I've tried to watch videos or read other blogs, anything to keep me motivated and focused during these times.

I've only played about 500 hands on UB this week but am planning on getting 1500 hands in tomorrow. Should be a challenging day since I'll need to get about 2000 in on PokerStars as well. That will be at least 8 hours of 4-5 tabling.

Also of note, I've started to play a little 30-60 on PokerStars and plan on playing more and more as I build my bankroll up on Stars. The games aren't all that different from 15-30 especially with good game selection. Initially I plan on being very selective in choosing games as I did this week. As time goes on, assuming I'm confident I have an edge, I'll loosen up my requirements. There are some extremely good players in the PokerStars 30-60 games along with a lot of average to good players, along with some fish. I will be relying on Rory's method of game selection since it will be very difficult to find a game with less than 2 good players. So, it's going to be important for me to be able to identify fish. I have been color coding every player I've played against this year so that should help.

Here is what my roller-coaster of a week looked like.

After looking at this, I think I know where my headache came from.

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