Saturday, January 31, 2009

January in the books and goodbye UB

Almost immediately after my last blog I went on a 275 big bet downswing which amounted to about $13,000. I fought my way back all week and actually got ahead in terms of big bets but am still a little off my dollar highs on the year.

I quit my hosting position last Sunday at Ultimate Bet. This was a difficult decision but I believe it was necessary for me to be completely focused on making SNE. Last Sunday I was about 1400 hands short of my 2000 hand hosting requirement and ended up getting in a bunch of bad high limit games just to fulfill the requirement. This was right when my 275 big bet downswing started and it was exacerbated by playing higher limits. It completely changed my frame of mind from feeling great and positive to being disqusted. In a matter of about 3 hours I had lost what it had taken me all week to make. So I decided that was the last time I was going to let that happen and resigned. I left on good terms and my host manager said there would very likely be a position open for me if I ever wanted to return. I believe I was the longest standing host, as least before the merger, and I would guess I generated more rake than any other player in the history of the site.

I feel great about my game right now. I made some pretty big changes and I feel like I'm playing the best poker I've ever played. I feel very comfortable in the Stars 15-30 games and believe I'm in the top 3 as far as regulars go at that limit. I've been playing more and more 30-60 and as my Stars bankroll grows I anticipate this to continue.

As far as the SNE chase goes I'm at 85,610 VPPS which is still only about 700 VPPS ahead of pace. So I didn't pick up any ground but I do anticipate that I'll be able to get at least a few days ahead of pace by the end of February.

January broken down in numbers:

68,304 Hands, 85,610 VPPS earned, 813 Big Bets Won
$31,759 won before rakeback, $11357 earned in rakeback and bonuses
Downswings: 280 big bets, 220 bbs, 250 bbs, and 275 bbs

Looking forward to the Super Bowl tomorrow. I think Arizona might continue to surprise everyone. It should be a good game anyway. Also looking forward to the Nadal-Federer Australian Open final which takes place in about 3 hours. Nadal and Federer played the greatest tennis match I've ever seen at Wimbledon last year.

Enjoy the Super Bowl everyone...

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