Tuesday, February 17, 2009

100K Hands - Quick Update

It has been a really busy week for me and I'm actually slightly behind SNE pace now. I spent about half a day doing taxes and played a couple pool matches last night and Friday night which caused me to fall behind.

The past seven days or so have been a roller coaster. I won another 250 big bets or so before going on a 300 big bet downswing and the last day or so I've broken about even. I'm very close to 100K hands on the year now. I've won a total of 1053 big bets and am averaging a little over 1 big bet per hundred. I'm happy with that considering the games I've been in. Most of my play has come at 15-30 during the day and those are pretty tough games on average.

Here's what my first 100K hands have looked like. Hopefully every 100K looks this good:


  1. Are you earning less VPP/hand than you expected? Cuz based on my calculations you are ahead of pace.

  2. I didn't exactly figure it out ahead of time. I just remember 5 tabling a day before the new year and it took about 5 continuous hours of play to reach the ~2700 VPPS. It's taking me about 6-7 hours a day now but that's with a few breaks and I'm not always 5 tabling.

    Oh also, only 93,000 of those 100K hands have been played at Poker Stars. That's probably where the difference is. I'm earning 1.35 VPPs/HD at 10-20, 1.41 at 15-30 and 1.44 at 30-60 on average.

  3. Good year so far! You missing the job at all? I tried to email you but lost your email addy. I ended up using the email addy in the blog. Not sure if you check it.

  4. Yeah it's been a good year, even better than I expected.

    I haven't thought about UB at all since I left so I guess I don't miss it. I miss the 100% rakeback but it's nice not to have to follow any rules when I'm playing.

    Hope poker's going well for you. Email me if you ever want to talk strategy. I'm almost never on AIM.

    And I didn't get your email, I may have accidentally deleted it. I mostly get junk at that address so I delete almost everything. You can email me at tony.pirone@gmail.com.