Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Running Good

Things continue to go well for me in August after a rocky start to the month. I am up 32K at the moment which is almost exclusively from heads up:

This really has been the theme for the year, a big chunk of my earnings comes from heads up and short-handed play. I'm sure I've said this many times but it's worth repeating: heads up and short-handed is where all the money is at in limit hold-em. If you game select well and play well, win rates of 5 BB/100 or more are attainable. Contrast this to 6-handed play where win rates max out around 1.5 BB/100.

On the VPP front, I'm now at 699K which puts me about 50K ahead of pace. I haven't been playing a whole ton of hands lately. I've been relaxing a bit more and playing a lot of pool which has helped with my mental state. We're heading out to the US Open Tennis tournament in Flushing NY on September 3rd for about 8 days. I love tennis but have never seen a live match so I'm really looking forward to it. I should have some good pictures to post when we get back. I plan on playing a good deal of poker while I'm there but the gap will likely narrow. I'd like to stay at least a couple weeks ahead of pace just in case something unexpected comes up.

Here's what August looks like so far:

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