Sunday, December 20, 2009

December Update

I'm at 971K VPPs as of writing, still about a day ahead of pace. I'm heading to Boston on Tuesday for Christmas and then off to the Bahamas to play in the PCA. I feel like I've been saying this for a while now but I'd really like to get further ahead of pace then 1 day so I plan on playing a lot the next couple days.

December has gone very well, I've been running good and have been able to get in a lot of hands. I'm on pace for one of my best months of the year. I've been 7-9 tabling 10-20 more and more in an effort to earn Vpps quickly. I've broken about even so far at that level and have probably run above average so I feel fortunate with those results.

Happy Holidays to everyone. My next update will likely be when I make SNE.


  1. Gettin stronger and closer Tony.

  2. Hey Tony, just stopped by to wish you a happy holidays!!! You need to play some pool!!


  3. Hey Alex,

    Happy holidays to you too, I appreciate it. Man I wish I could get down there to play some, just have no time. I probably won't be able to play until I'm back from the PCA in mid January. I'll be on a more regular schedule for a few months after that and look forward to playing.