Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Made It!

It was a hectic finish but I reached SuperNova Elite today. This past week has been crazy. I rushed my wife to the emergency room of the hospital twice, once last night right before we were to board our flight to the Bahamas. She's feeling a lot better now, thank God. I also played close to 5,000 hands in a single day earlier this week, I earned around 7,000 VPPs that day alone - it was the most hands I've played and Vpps I've earned a single day all year.

Since my wife is feeling better, we're going to try to fly out tonight again. I'm planning on recapping the year and my thoughts on SNE, whether it was worth it or not in the next few days.

Happy New Year everyone

1 comment:

  1. Congrats!!!! Been following your blog for the latter part of the year and it has actually helped me a lot with my game. Glad its over and hope you have fun in the Bahamas. Also was happy to see I made your screenshot. Pokermax1 at your table.

    Again congrats and good luck in the upcoming year!