Sunday, February 28, 2010

February in the Books

As expected, my last post cued the end to my upswing. I did end the month fairly well but the last week or so had a lot more swings. All in all, I'm very happy with the way the month went and I ran above expectation. I don't think I had a 200 big bet downswing and I'm not sure I've had one this year which is really amazing. Last year I had several 350-500 big bet downswings. So in that respect I'm very fortunate. I feel like I played my A game for maybe 30% of the month, my B game for about 60%, and my C game for about 10%. There were a few days where I really had trouble focusing and my brain just wasn't working but other than that I played well.

I played very little no-limit and didn't reach my goal of 2000 hands per day. Looking forward to March I'm going to set the same goal, at the very least it should push me to play more than I normally would. I'm also going to get back to watching NL videos, particularly tournament videos. I'd like to watch at least one a week. My annual trip to Vegas with my best friends is coming up in a couple weeks so I won't be playing much during those days but other than that I should be able to get a lot of hands in. Looking forward to April, I'm playing the 5K no-limit tournament at Mohegan Sun which is part of the North American Poker Tour and then the European Poker Championship in Monte Carlo at the end of the month. So I'm definitely not going to be able to play a lot of hands which makes it more important I play as much as possible during March. I'm about 4 days behind SNE pace right now which isn't much at all. I'd like to stay within 2 weeks of the pace throughout the year, I can make a late push if need be.


  1. hey tony, which hud stats are you using for FLHE when multitabling? :)

  2. Here are the major ones I use:

    VPIP, PFR (mouse over to look at RFI), AF (mouse over to look at flop c/r %), fold BB to steal, fold SB to steal, WTSD, Turn check/raise %, and turn c-bet%. There are others I look at from time to time but these are the actual stats that display.

  3. thanks, as a NL player was somehow surprised u hadn't a 3bet stat, but a turn c-bet stat and no flop c-bet stat :)
    gonna look into this little bit deeper

  4. I actually do have the 3-bet stat, I was listing them off the top of my head and forgot. I don't use flop c-bet though - nearly all the players are at 97+% in limit.

  5. oh thats why ok, i see. mainly looking to get into holdem to strengthen my mathematical skills to the max :). hope it works out!

  6. All this and your pool game is gaining momentum. Congrats Tony on a solid month, hope March is just as solid. Now go get Melvin! See you on the green felt. JG