Saturday, March 6, 2010

March Update

The month started off really slow, I was down about 13K and 80 big bets after 10K hands. Dating back to last month I was on a 20K hand breakeven stretch. Last year I went through a 100K hand breakeven stretch so compared to that it was nothing but frustrating nonetheless. I have a tendency to play more when things aren't going well and as a result have played over 15K hands this month. I went from being 5 days behind SNE pace to being on pace.

Things turned for me yesterday and I won about 500 big bets in less than 5000 hands, it was a pretty amazing stretch. I've changed my style a bit the last few days as well which contributed. I alternate between different styles of play and I've found that whenever I change my style, my opponents start making more mistakes. I've posted a couple times about the benefits of being unpredictable. There's a lot of value to confusing your opponents and it works particularly well when you're playing in games with a lot of the same players as I am. The regulars in my games adapt to my style and as soon as I make some adjustments back, I show immediate profit. They will adjust again, and hopefully I can stay a step ahead of them.

I'm off to Vegas this Wednesday so there won't be much poker next week. I'm going to relax and enjoy the time with my friends, I've looked forward to it ever since last year. I should have another post after that, probably something strategy related.

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