Sunday, March 28, 2010

March in the Books...almost

It's been quite a month, my 2nd best to date excluding tournaments. I've continued to run well as I have all year. I don't think I've had more than a 200 big bet downswing yet this year and that's over the span of 125K+ hands which is really amazing. Something that's contributing to that is the fact that the majority of my hands are coming at 30-60 and above as I'm playing very little 6-max 15-30 where the rake is about 1.3 big bets/ 100 hands. Contrast that with 6-max 30-60 where the rake is about .6 big bets/100 hands or 1/2 that and it makes sense that the downswings would be a lot less drastic. On the flip side though, I have played less heads up and 3-handed than last year. There's a lot more competition for heads up games this year and the games never last long when I do get them. I don't mind though, I've really come to enjoy 3-10 handed and my game is constantly improving as a result.

I've been playing a lot more 50-100 and even some 100-200 with good results. I've mentioned before that once you hit 50-100, the games play similarly all the way up the ladder. Generally, they don't run unless a fish sits and once one does, the regulars swarm in. So it's usually 4-5 guys who are fractions of a big bet apart in skill level fighting over the money of the fish. I feel very comfortable with the swings at 50-100 now and plan on playing the 100-200 games whenever they run - hopefully I can get used to the swings there as well. It's definitely going to take a while but I also won't be 4-5 tabling the games like I do with 30-60.

I'm not planning on playing a whole lot of poker the next ten days or so, maybe about half of what I normally do. I'm heading to Boston for Easter and then off to to play the 5K main event at Mohegan Sun. I will be blogging with tournament updates. I've been watching some tournament videos and playing tournaments recently so I feel pretty good about my game. It all boils down to getting some cards in those events since it's such a short amount of time and hands.


  1. Wow that's some sick results, makes you wonder where all the money comes from.

    You don't strike me as a flash bloke but have you bought any nice stuff/cars with all this cash or are you investing it all.

  2. I'm a pretty poor money manager especially compared to someone like my dad who is a wizard at it. The biggest purchase my wife and I have made is our home and we're still in the process of paying it off.

    I contribute the maximum (5K) a year to both of our IRAs as far as investing goes. My accountant keeps telling me to open a SEP where up to 45K or something a year can be contributed but I'd rather get my house paid off first.

  3. Where's my share? Ha Ha!

    Yes, Dad wouldn't turn heat on when there's a zero temperature outside! How funny!

    Congrats on your accomplishment!

  4. Your share? Hmm.... I'll let you tell people you're my brother. Ha!

    Yep, I used to be afraid to get out of bed because I knew I would freeze. It was literally 40 degrees in the house sometimes.

    See you on Easter, we'll be there around 2:00

  5. Nicely done tony. Watching you right now in the nightly 100k on stars and you are killing your table. Good luck at Mohegan!

  6. Thanks Dave,

    No luck in the nightly 100K, hopefully Mohegan will go better.

  7. Yeah - right on the bubble eh? Still - good show up until that point anyway.

  8. Yep, could have coasted into the money pretty easily but was looking to take advantage of other people with that thinking. Unfortunately didn't work out.

    I'm still learning a lot about NL and tournaments. I hope to play 2 or 3 more before the Mohegan main event. I've also been watching a bunch of videos on CardRunners. I feel like I'm cramming before a big exam.

  9. Since I'm still working with no cash online - I actually managed to get through one of those massive free for alls yesterday. 7k entries and top 72 got tickets to the weekly round 2. Nothing special - but if I can get the money from it - maybe I'll be able to dig out of the 0 hole. It was a limit O8 tournament which used to be a favorite of mine before I started playing NL HE tourneys. I'll probably try to find a few limit O8 tourneys in my range once I get some cash online.

    I can relate to the cramming. Since deciding I want to get back into poker I've been reading anything I can get my hands on.

    I'll have to look up when the events are at Mohegan so I know when to look for updates and the like.

  10. Good luck in Round 2.

    Chris Ferguson was able to run a bankroll up from nothing to 10K or 50K (not sure of the exact number) in 6 months. Huck Seed wanted to make a prop bet with somebody that he could do it in 3 months, I don't know if anyone ever took him up.

    Main event is on Wed, I'll probably play the $300 rebuy on Monday to get ready.

  11. Looks like the round 2 will have to wait until next week. Didn't catch the one today and tomorrow coincides with Easter dinner