Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Farewell August and CardRunners

August didn't end too well, I broke about even over the last two weeks or so. I feel like I'm playing the worst poker I've played in a long time. I can't keep my concentration and feel really burnt out. Unfortunately I can't afford to take a break and fall any further behind SNE pace so I'll have to play through it. As of today, I'm about 8 days behind.

I quit my instructor position at CardRunners. It was a difficult decision that I've been wavering back and forth on for quite some time but ultimately decided it's too much time invested for too little return. I also didn't like the idea of giving my opponents information and several of them informed me they were watching.

Heading to a pool tournament this weekend and then off to Boston the following weekend for my brother's wedding. Other than that, I'll be playing a lot of poker and hopefully getting ahead of SNE pace by the end of the month. I need to get back on track mentally this month which will probably entail a lot more exercise/cardio.

Here's what August looked like:


  1. Could you post reports by winnigs summury?
    Just interesting about your 6max stats

  2. wtf u quit CR? geez that membership is pointless now

  3. Sorry, I will be in the forums helping people still. It's just not a +EV move for me to keep making videos at CR. At the same time I want to give something back to the poker community so I still will be there to help answer questions.

  4. hi,tp,very nice blog,i do learn a lot
    i am new to fl and have question about btn and SB steal range
    momally people often steal looser at SB because money in pot.but oop play is often not that profitable
    any suggestiong?

  5. Yeah you can be looser from the small blind than the button. The quarter of a big bet you usually have invested from posting the small blind is worth a whole lot in a heads up pot. You can profitably raise somwhere between 50 and 80 percent of your hands depending on a variety of factors including:

    Amount of rake taken
    How often the big blind folds to a steal
    How well the big blind plays postflop
    How well you play postflop

    What you should do is filter HEM or PT for that specific situation and see how your individual hands are faring. Anything greater than a (.25) bb/hd loser has been profitable to raise.

    Good Luck