Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September Update

I've run fairly well so far in September, up about 300 big bets and 18K through half the month. I missed about three days of playing from attending my brother's wedding and have been playing a ton of hands since I got back to make up for it. I'm now about 10 days behind SNE pace and look to narrow the gap by the end of the month. I don't have anything major planned until Christmas so hopefully I can get a lot of hands in between now and then.

On a personal note, I either bruised or cracked a rib playing kickball of all things. I haven't been to the doctor yet but the way it's still hurting I'm pretty sure I cracked it. If you're wondering how I broke a rib playing kickball, I tried stealing home with a head first dive and it ended up being a rib first dive. Oh and I'm getting old, that too. If a broken rib wasn't enough, they disallowed my steal because the pitcher allegedly had the ball before I left third. I wasn't in any condition to argue as I jogged back to third grimacing.

Here's what September has looked like so far:


  1. Ha ha, that is hilarious!! Those family rivalries can get pretty serious at times! Glad it wasnt a broken arm or leg.-JG

  2. I didn't know that you were hurt and i hope that it's not too serious! One thing I'd like to correct is that we DID count your run because you reached the home base before the pitcher got the ball. :)

  3. hi,Tp,thx for last blind steal answer.

    i recently have trouble in playing with this type of player in 1/2 and 2/4

    1 they are unknown fish,limp a lot trash hands,like a trash suited cards
    2 they play postflop in very tricky way,if they got good made hand(two pair,flush,trips,straight)on the flop or turn,only raise on the river
    3 they never raise flop or turn so its hard to tell what they hold
    4 they are not callstation

    i always had a good made hands against them,like tptk something,and valuebet alltheway,but got raised on the river,so i become a payoff machine

    And for the rest of game,i became scared of some draw made board,and didnt valuebet enough when they hold weak hands

    any suggestions?

  4. You're thinking of the play after when I scored before the runner was thrown out. Right before that I tried to steal home when they were throwing the ball the Wendy but Wendy said she had the ball before I left third. I'm filing a protest with the kickball comissioner

  5. good luck hunting that bot on stars. hope they freeze his account.