Tuesday, January 21, 2014

BA Trip Report with Pics

Here are some random thoughts on BA:

Buenos Aires has been OK for me so far.  I have been really sick the last 3 days so I haven't had a chance to get out too much.  We're in Recoleta at the moment and then moving to a different part of the city next week.  And then it's off to a place much further south away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

My first impressions of Argentines were people with class but also with gamble.  Don't ask me how those impressions came about but that's what popped in my head.  I may be getting the "gamble" from a very well known online Argentine player.   Buenos Aires itself is very nice, heavily European influenced so a lot of nice architecture.

Things here are very cheap since they've been in a financial crisis of sorts.  In fact our hotel is exchanging Argentine Pesos for US Dollars at a rate of 8.5-1 when the going rate in the financial markets is 6.5-1.  I'm still in disbelief over that.  There are people on the street offering up to 10-1 but the higher the rate being offered, the more likely there is to be counterfeit money involved so it's probably best to stick with exchanging at reputable places.

On the subject of counterfeit money, one of the big tourist scams is taxi drivers switching your $100 bills (Equivalent to about 12 bucks USD)  with counterfeit money when you pay, then acting like you gave it to them and refusing to accept it.  Apparently there's a lot of pick-pocketing that goes on here too though I don't think so much where we're staying.

We've been out to three restaurants so far and the food was good to excellent at all of them, so high marks there.

Here are some pics. my wife took.  I'll do my best to post these wherever we end up travelling.


  1. Really nice pics :) What does your wife do during the day when you are playing? Is she staying throughout the entire year with you in Argentina?

  2. She says thanks! She produces music for fun but also is always supporting me in terms getting me what I need when playing - meals, coffee, tea, etc. That's a big factor in being able to put in the volume I have over the last 5 years. And yeah she loves to travel so she's with me on all the trips.

  3. hey, i really luv your blog, inspirate me a lot and show me its worth playing in downswings ^^
    Its really sad hear that you slowly quiting but understable after those long years...

    I have one question on you. Can you take pic of your working place(table with pc) i just wonder how it looks for this long grinds ^^

    Sorry for my eng and gl at tables & BA

  4. Thanks, I have actually been meaning to do that. Nearly all my setups involve me sitting upright (this is very important for me) on a couch with my arm on the armrest and a super-sensitive mouse that I barely have to move to get it across the screen. I always bring my laptop and one monitor with me and have it on a table as close to me as possible. I will try to get a Pic up at our next place.

  5. thank you for quick reply, looking forward for next update than:)

    I started reading your blog in 2013 but when i had some free time i read some older blogposts, i feel like you were more writing about gametheory and this staff which im now missing (hope inspirate you in next update^^).
    You sad that you usualy spend 8-12h a day for grind, i just wonder how many tables you play and how long breaks you take:)
    And why you miss PCA this year?
    Thank you!

  6. No problem. Unfortunately I made a decision not to write much strategy because too many of my opponents were reading my blog. And now quite honestly I'm just not motivated to do it even if I decided I would. But I do still try to write some helpful things from time to time and I'm always more than happy to answer a question or two here or via email.

    As far as grinding, yes last year I hit a stretch towards the end of the year where I averaged almost 12 hours a day for over 3 months with no days off. I wouldn't advise doing this :) I only do it because it's the only way I can take the last 3 months of the year off. As far as breaks while playing, I take a lot of them. I find I need to get my mind focused on something else even if it's just for a few minutes. I've read in quite a few books that you shouldn't do intense mental exercise for more than an hour and should take a least 5 minutes off per hour so that'd be my recommendation.

    And no PCA cause I'm just not a touranment player. The only reason I had been going was because part of making SNE entitled me to the hotel and tournament entry. But now they have the option to take the cash so I prefer that.