Thursday, January 16, 2014

Back to Grinding in Argentina

Quick Update:

I'm in Buenos Aires and back playing poker.  I played today for a few hours and as expected was very rusty.  I've come back from extended layoffs two or three times now so I sort of know what to expect.  It should only be a week or so before I'm back to playing at full capacity (hopefully).

I will try to post some pictures of the places I'm staying at this year.  The place we're at now is in downtown Buenos Aires and is nothing too special so no pics on this one.  But we're moving to a different part of the city in about 11 days and then moving much further south to a place overlooking a lake at the base of the Andes.  I'll definitely put some pics up of the last place.

Also worth mentioning, I may not go for SNE this year.  There's a greater chance this year than any other, I'd put it at about 25% right now that I don't go for it.  I have some other income opportunities I've been working hard at and depending upon how they pan out will determine whether I go for SNE.  I'd say it's inevitable though that my SNE chase days are coming to an end - this very well could be my last year.  My ultimate goal as to cut way down on the poker I play, maybe a few months out of the year.

Good luck to everyone at the tables.


  1. good to have u back. this is my favorite blog and it wud b a shame if you left the game but i can imagine the toll of constant SNE chasing is immense. gl

  2. Thanks for the kind words. And yeah it is quite a toll to be playing 10-12 hours a day for 9 months straight with almost no breaks. I don't feel like I have a whole lot to prove at this point either so my motivation is starting to wane. But I do love the game and competition in general so I'll likely always be playing it in some capacity.

  3. "
    In fact our hotel is exchanging Argentine Pesos for US Dollars at a rate of 8.5-1 when the going rate in the financial markets is 6.5-1.
    Thats one hell of an extra income opportunity right there!
    Dollar transportation ;)

  4. Yeah it really is crazy. We brought as much US as we could which was about 9K. I was trying to think of another way to capitlize on it but the banking system is a complete disaster here and it's nearly impossible to get money in or out of the country unless via ATM.