Sunday, March 1, 2009

February Recap and YTD Stats

First, I'm still behind SNE pace, about 3K VPPs or 1 day behind.

February ended up being a good month. I made it through a 340 big bet downswing and ended the month on about a 650 big bet upswing. I think I ran close to expectation and the numbers are probably representative of what my average numbers will look like at the end of year.

I played 52240 Hands, averaged 1.21 BB/100 (630 total big bets) and won $18046. I cleared one $4000 bonus.

My year to date stats broken down by number of players at the table are:

2 Players 6356 Hands $6294 1.43 BB/100
3 Players 8843 Hands $16143 6.16 BB/100
4 Players 14637 Hands $17041 3.35 BB/100
5 Players 33228 Hands ($4962) .11 BB/100
6 Players 51288 Hands $8375 .29 BB/100
>6 Players 6306 Hands $7525 2.43 BB/100

This is a small sample size so the numbers don't tell me too much. I expect that my 2 players stats should average out to about 4.5 BB/100, 3 player stats to about 2 BB/100, 4-6 Players to about 1 BB/100, and >6 player to about 1.5 BB/100. I'm basing this on my lifetime stats.

I hope March goes as well as Jan and Feb have gone. Also hope I'm able to catch up and get ahead of SNE pace, that's going to be tough with my Vegas trip. I start getting "milestone markers" this month as well. My first one comes at 200,000 VPPS and I'll earn an additional $2,000. The markers then escalate $1,000 for every 100,000 VPPS.

Also of interest, I've agreed to coach/tutor my friend Riad who is a host on UB. If you're reading this Riad, be prepared to work! Should be fun anyway, it's a good way for both of us to learn.

Off to play. Here's what my year has looked like:

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