Saturday, March 7, 2009

Poker and Vegas don't mix

At least for me anyway. I rarely play poker when I'm in Vegas unless playing in a tournament and this trip is no different. I do play online but it never seems to work out well. Last night I went out bowling. Yes I said bowling. After several beers we stumbled across a 30 lane bowling alley at the top of the Orleans and decided to play a few strings and drink a few more beers. Although it was a lot of fun, I'm paying the price today. I played about 500 hands this morning, couldn't think straight, and lost about 60 big bets. My body doesn't tolerate alcohol well at all. I think I consumed about 8-9 beers over about 12 hours yesterday. My friends wouldn't even classify this as drinking but for me it about doubled my average annual beer intake. I have the tolerance of an 85 pound, 12 year old, alcoholic virgin that hasn't eaten for a week.

Because I'm about three days behind pace now I have the dilemma of playing my D game just to get hands in and earn VPPS or forgo playing at all and fall further behind. What I may do is drop down a limit and cut back a table to see if that helps minimize the damage. I've always had a problem competing at anything when I'm not 100% whether it be pool, sports, or poker. Even if my D game is good enough to break even I have a lot trouble getting over that mental hurdle of knowing I'm playing bad and making mistakes. If that doesn't work I'll take the next two days off and add 30 minutes of poker my daily routine until I'm caught up.

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  1. 85lb, 12 yr old, alocholic virgin huh? lol! Sounds like a good trip so far. You going up there for any of the WSOP?