Monday, July 20, 2009

Some Relief

The poker gods are either trying to tell me something or are just having fun with me. After about the worst 30,000 hand stretch I've been through and the decision to stop playing 50-100 (see last blog entry), it's as if a switch has been turned on and I can't lose a hand.

On top of this, I final tabled the $100 rebuy on Stars finishing 9th and winning about 9 out of 10 coin-flips along the way. I'm not complaining by any stretch but couldn't this have happened sometime during the prior 30,000 hands?


  1. that's a relief! :)

    July is a bad month for me but until recently I've won some money in low buy-in tournies.

  2. That's good to hear. Tournaments have an incredible amount of variance so you need to have a lot of buy-ins to survive the inevitable dry spells. I often wonder how the players on the tournament circuit are able to pay 10-25K per tournament. That really starts to add up if you don't cash for ten or twenty tournaments.