Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Breakout Day

Anyone who has regularly followed my blog knows I've struggled a lot with 50-100 this year. It's been about the only negative in otherwise really great year. Every time I decided to make the jump up in limits, I hit a 200-300 big bet downswing and was forced to move down. Well that finally changed. Over the last couple weeks I was able to recoup the 150 or so big bets I lost earlier in the month at 50-100. And today I went on a tear winning about 200 big bets.

I feel a lot better. Even though the downswings were overwhelmingly due to luck, it was starting to get in my head. When I play 30-60, I never think about the stakes I'm playing, I'm solely focused on making the right decisions. Lately whenever I'd start playing 50-100, the most prevalent thought in my head was that I was playing 50-100. And I had the mindset of expecting everything would start going wrong since it had so many times. I'm glad I finally hit a good run of cards, it's what I need to get over the hump.

I've been really busy lately playing trying to stay ahead of pace. I'm still about a day and a half ahead so I haven't gained any more ground but I'm going to play as much as possible these next couple weeks. I'll keep you posted and hopefully I can get a strategy post or two in by the end of the year.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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