Thursday, November 5, 2009

November - Another Rough Start

I've had nearly identical starts in my last three months. Each month has started out up 10 or 15K, followed by a vicious downswing. This month I was cruising right along, up about 15K, when I hit a 325 big bet, $30,000 downswing over the course of 2 days. Ouch!

So I'm back to playing 30-60 again and there'll be little 50-100 until I can build my bankroll back up. I typically leave 50-60K in my poker account which isn't a whole lot for 50-100. And now that half of it's been depleted in two days, I have no choice but to stop playing. I should keep more money in my account for this reason. I struggle a bit with keeping too much money online.

I feel pretty good mentally. Although I've been relentlessly pounded at the tables for two days, it's not going to deter me. I need to stay focused on making the right decisions and forget about how much I'm up or down.

On the VPP front, I'm at about 860K, about 6 days ahead of pace still.


  1. hope the second half of the month is better for you on the 50-100. Now you should Play Elmer some ONE Pocket 3-4 Hundred a game at Family. His backers will put him in. You are the favorite there. Call you next week when I am in town.. Better luck on the tables. - Jeff G.

  2. Hey Jeff,

    Thanks, yeah let me know when you're free. I'm planning on playing the 1 pocket tourney in San Fran next weekend.

  3. I will be in Richmond on Tuesday morning the 10th,and I will be off work at 3pm ending up in San Francisco. You want to play some one pocket at family on Tuesday? I want to practice for the upcoming tournament at Family. Let me Know.
    Jeff G.