Monday, November 30, 2009

November in the Books

I ended the month at 918K VPPs which puts me slightly more than a day ahead of pace. I've been experimenting lately with 8-9 tabling the 10-20 games. I'm able to earn over 1000 VPPs an hour which basically means I can earn a days worth of VPPs in about 3 hours. The downside is that I'm probably playing break even poker for that time so I'll be giving up some money by doing it. I'm too close to getting SNE status though to take any chances. I will probably spend at least 4-5 hours a week over the next few weeks multi-tabling the lower limits so I can have a 3-4 day cushion heading into Christmas.

November ended on a 350 big bet, 20K downswing. I still ended up about 40K on the month so I'm very happy with that. As has been the case with many other months, the overwhelming majority of my winnings have come from short-handed play. This is what I'll be focusing on next year across multiple sites.


  1. Wow, last time I talked to you, you were on a bit of a rush. I guess that was before the down swing. Congrats on a good month overall. Keep that push for the rest of the year and things will go your way!!!


    P.S. 8-9 tables? are a machine.

  2. Thanks Alex. Yeah the 8-9 tabling is crazy, I wasn't sure if I could do it until I tried last week. I might blog about it at some point, it's requires a different skill set than 3-4 tabling. Since you can't focus on all the tables, it becomes a question of where is it best to focus or what decisions need the most attention. And that question needs to be answered within a few seconds over and over and over.

    Man I miss playing pool already and it's only been a week or so! Looking forward to playing again and devoting more time to it. Talk to you later.


  3. Congrats. Back to Nov 1st, you earned 860K VIP and now 918K. That means 58K increase in one month. Will you be able to do more than 60K in one month with several days of x-mas break?

  4. I have to. I'll get the hands in one way or another. I might be opening Christmas presents in between poker hands :)