Thursday, July 8, 2010

Main Event Day 1

Started the day with 30K and ended with 87K. It was a great start to the tournament. I had a very tough table as far as ME Day 1 tables go but I was really fortunate that one of the best players seated right after me was moved about 3 hours in and the two other best players busted including David Benefield.

I played pretty cautiously today and did a lot of trapping with big pairs which is how I got most of my chips. Basically I just flatted big hands in position and let people bluff their chips into me.

The only big pot I lost was early in the day when I raised JTs UTG and was called by two players. The flop was J85 rainbow, I bet and got one caller who was a good player. The turn was a Jack, I checked and my opponent bet pretty big and I called. The river was a 9 and my opponent bet big again and I called. He had 55 for a full house. This is a hand I would have lost a lot more chips in a few years back.

The biggest pot I won was towards the end with Kings. I raised UTG and was reraised by a very tight small blind. At the time, I thought there was a very good chance he had Aces so I just called. The flop was J8x and he bet very big which I called. The turn was a 5, he checked and I checked. The river was a King and I bet about half pot which he thought for a long time before calling with QQ.

Day 2 on Friday. May my good fortune continue...


  1. Good day one! hope the cards keep going your way!

  2. Bout time your big pairs are holdin up? You make any bluffs at all the first day? -JG

  3. Hmm, I don't think I did make any big bluffs. A few small ones where I just bet out after raising preflop when I whiffed but no big bluffs I can think of.

  4. Like Nike says, "Just Do This!"