Monday, July 12, 2010

Out of the Main Event

The day started out getting all-in with AK against Queens in about a 110K chip pot and losing. That dropped me to about 60K and from there I ran 66 into QQ on the button vs. a short stacked big blind, that took me down to about 35K. From there it was up and down and I briefly got back up to 60K when AK got me again. Button raised, I 3-bet to about 12K with AK and he called. Flop was 78T, I bet about 15K and he moved in. I folded and was down to about 20K. From there I got all-in with 88 against Aces and busted.

It was a tough series and a tough 6 weeks. I'm looking forward to getting back home and putting in a lot of hands online. I'm going to continue working on my NL game and taking lessons from Vanessa Selbst who by the way has over 320K chips in the ME as I'm writing this.

There's always next year...


  1. Thanks for all the good posting, see you back in Cali. -JG

  2. Thanks Jeff, heading back today. Time to get back in stroke!