Saturday, July 10, 2010

Main Event Day 2

I ended the day with 121,500 which is still above average. It was a pretty tough day in terms of starting hands, I wasn't dealt Aces, Queens, or Jacks all day - Kings once but I was pretty fortunate in the pots I played to either flop something or be able to win the pot because my opponent missed.

The only hand I played today where I was "coolered" was when I raised AQo from early position and got called by a good player in late position. The flop was A22, I bet about 1/2 pot and he called. The turn was a T and we both checked. The river was a 9 and I bet about 2/3 pot and he called with AK. I could have lost a lot more money in this hand so I was pretty happy to only lose 15K chips or so.

Aside from that, nothing really notable happened all day. I was playing tight because of being pretty card dead and having the three best players at the table seated to my immediate left including Hazif Kahn. I still did my share of stealing and was able to find a few spots preflop to reraise and squeeze with thrashy hands. One thing I couldn't do is find a way to get involved with the bad players. There were several of them seated before me and I was just itching to get in pots with them but the cards and situations never cooperated. Something I've learned about NL is that you want to look for every opportunity to get involved in pots with bad players. You can take the worst of it preflop particularly in position because they can and often do make huge mistakes postflop.

Day 3 on Monday. It only gets tougher from here. I'm going to spend a lot of time watching videos this weekend and working on my NL game.


  1. that was a good informative post. time to take one down. JG

  2. Thanks Jeff, forgot to mention that guy Havad I was playing with is from Stockton. He said he doesn't play pool, seemed like a good guy anyway.

  3. Hazif that is, don't know where I got Havad

  4. Think I have seen him before at the new Lodi Cardroom. Funny how people take notice when a good player walks in the room. -JG