Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SNE #4 and A Great Finish

I made it for a fourth consecutive year.  It's quite a relief not to be forced to play.  I'm hoping not to play another hand this year but there's some chance I may play while visiting a friend in Canada later this year.

I had another incredible month, running at over 2 BB/100 for 60K+ hands.  I actually ran at 3.5 BB/100 for about a 30K hand stretch at the beginning of the month which is very possibly the best 30K hand stretch I've ever had.  My last 120K hands or so of the year were played at 2 BB/100 which is really remarkable.  The most well-known high stakes recreational player was absent during that time so I'm extremely fortunate.  I'm planning on doing a review of the year at some point soon but suffice to say it was a miserable year by my standards up until the last seven weeks.  This was the first year I didn't exceed the income of a previous year but I did end up having a very respectable year when it was all said and done.  Time to relax and forget about poker for a while.

Good luck at the tables.



  1. Congratulations Tony! All the hard work is admirable!
    How many hours did you play this year and what is you $/hour rate?

  2. I am planning on doing a review of the year. I will post this in the review

  3. VN year

    -16k to connect issues = No good

    Buy better PC, best internet, and backup card


  4. Thanks, I wish it were that simple. Unfortunately, the power goes out very often in Costa Rica and even a backup power supply didn't help.

  5. Ah yes, I have heard of the storms in costa rica and heard they can be devastating. What about a cell phone modem? Maybe those get wiped out in the storms as well. Easy to move to Costa Rica for you? And do you feel safe there? I am contemplating a move and want to explore all avenues


  6. Yes, I think Costa Rica is very safe and I'd definitely recommend it. Nice people, nice weather, and a very diverse landscape with rain forests and beaches.