Thursday, September 27, 2012

Statistical Year In Review

I thought it would be fun to do this and also serve as a good reference in future years.

Here's a statistical breakdown of the year:


Hands Played: 510471
Money Won: $296971
Rakeback Earned: ~$120,000
Total Money Won:$416971
Money Won Per Hand:$0.82
Total Hours Played: 2082
$/Hour: $200.27
Average Hours Played per Week: 58

% of Hands Played By Limit: 

10/20:  24.4%
15/30: 29.5%
30/60: 24%
50/10: 12.4%
100/200: 6.5%
200/400: 2.6%

Average $ Won Per Hand By Limit Including Rakeback:

10/20: $0.39
15/30: $0.64
30/60: $0.84
50/100: $1.06
100/200: $1.86
200/400: $3.15


Biggest Downswings in BB's:

860 BB's (In 13K Hands!)
690 BB's (In 31K Hands)

Biggest Upswing: 2400 BB's over 130K hands (No downswing more than 250 BB's over that stretch)

Longest Breakeven Stretch: 173,000 Hands

Biggest Downswings in $ (Excluding Rakeback):

102K over 30K hands
70K over 24K hands

Biggest Upswings in $ (Excluding Rakeback):

203K over 169K Hands (No downswing more than 28K over that stretch)
98K over 47K hands

Longest Breakeven Stretch: 

238,000 Hands


Approximate money lost to power outages and internet disconnects:$16,000
Approximate money paid/to be paid in taxes before deductions: $175,000


  1. Dont you just love it when a plan comes together? Nice work Tony! Welcome back to Cali!!!

  2. First of all, congrats with your work. 58 hours a week a true grind.

    How about writing this book now? I really like your 3rd video on Cardrunners where you did the leakfinder.

    I really would love to see a book with like 20 hands where you did the same as in that video...hope you give a thought.

    Enjoy your rest,

    1. Thanks. I have actually considered writing a book but I don't think the time invested would be worth the reward. My feelings on that certainly could change over time though.

      One of the types of books I've thought about writing is similar to what you're describing. It would be poker hands essentially broken down into math problems where the end result only varies based on assumptions about your opponent.

    2. Okay, okay, i settle for 15 hands for $25 :)

      Yeah so "we get 6 to 1 and we have to be good 14%, if we assume he gets to the river with 100% of his cutoff range and put that in pokerstove on that board texture, we have 20% equity, so now he has to bluff 70% to make a call justified, but of course he never gets to the turn with 100% of its range, etc etc...i think a fold is here the correct play...loved it.

      Or make a video and let us pay like $5 to watch it, right here on this blogsite f.e....well i keep my fingers crossed...

    3. Ha thanks, I'm glad you liked the videos I made.

      I have actually considered putting a video up as well and charging for it. I may do that at some point.

  3. Another amazing/impressive year. The King of Limit Holdem ladies and gentlemen.

  4. given the state of the games winning that much is an outstanding achievement. you can be really satisfied with yourself. congrats tony
    enjoy the rest of 2012

  5. Thanks Chacky, I really appreciate that coming from you. Good luck playing the rest of the year.

  6. Very nice work Tony!
    This type of work ethic is really great!
    how did you split up you hours over the days, weeks and month?

    1. i did not mean the 58 hours/week... but
      how many off days per week, per month?
      what did the days look like.
      mondays: 8 hours, 3,000 hands

      something like that would be really interesting.
      thanks for sharing

  7. I didn't take a single day off the six months I was in Costa Rica though there were a few days where I only played 3-4 hours instead of a more typical 8-9.

  8. Hi, Tony. Great results, congrats!
    Do you offer private coaching btw?

  9. Thanks, I don't at the moment though I may at some point in the future. If I ever do, I will post it here.

  10. Do you ever think about how much you could have won if playing like this 5 years ago? :)

  11. I do actually, it's kind of a depressing thought though. I also wonder if I'll be thinking the same thing five years from now.

  12. Haha, it's impossible I think. I mean this game is not THAT complicated. There just isn't much else you can do to drastically improve.

  13. >Thanks, I don't at the moment though I may at some point in the future. If I ever do, I will post it here.

    Thanks for the answer. I'm $10/20 regular player and I want to improve my skill, so if you start offer coaching, don't forget to write about it please. Ty and good luck!