Thursday, April 30, 2009

April in the Books

Well April turned out to be a great month despite a 15K hand break-even stretch over the last week or so. I ran extremely well for most of the month and ended up winning around 65K with bonuses. I ran at 2.3 big bets per hundred over 64K hands which brought my win rate up to almost 1.5 BB/100 over 243K hands on the year. It's been quite a year to say to the least.

Aside from running so well this month I was able to get in a lot of heads up and short-handed hands which really boosted my win rate and earnings. I played 9322 2-3 player hands and won $27K for a win rate of 5.6 BB/100. Basically what I've been doing is what I used to do as a host - I will start a new table at the limit I'm playing which enables me to get heads up and short-handed hands in. I try to be at at least one table sitting alone at all times so I can get a short-handed game started. I've always enjoyed playing heads up and short-handed, it's where all the money is at if you have an edge over your opponents.

On the VPP front, I've now earned 326K and am less than a day behind. I have a seven day Jamaica trip planned for later this month so I'm going to try to get ahead of pace again - I feel like I'm always saying this. I'm also planning on playing some World Series events in June/July - more to follow on that.

Historically May has been a great month for me, hopefully that trend continues. Good luck playing everyone.

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