Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quick April Update

Several people have asked me over the past two days how the higher stakes games are going and the short answer is great. I've run exceptionally well all month. The only complaint/whine I have is that I've run terrible at 50-100 but I'm thrilled overall with how things have gone. I believe I'm on about a 1600 big bet upswing right now, I don't think I've lost more than 150 bets at any point during the upswing which is really amazing. I have been playing a hundred or two heads up hands a day which has really helped my results. With bonuses I'm on pace for about an 85K month, my second best as a professional gambler. Second only to a month last year where I won a big tournament and went on a great blackjack run.

I feel very fortunate that I didn't hit a big losing streak right when I started playing higher limits. It was entirely possible and probably would have sent me right back to 15-30.

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