Sunday, April 19, 2009

High Limit Roller Coaster

I decided this weekend to go all out and multi-table the higher stakes games. I'm not really sure what provoked me to do this. I'm usually very conservative, probably too conservative, when it comes to playing bigger games. So when I'm feeling ambitious like this weekend I just go with it.

It turned out to be quite a ride. At one point yesterday I was down about 10K and as of writing this I've fought my way back to even. It's been pretty frustrating because I've run exceptionally bad at 50-100 and exceptionally good at 30-60. If this was reversed, I'd very likely be ten thousand ahead right now. In terms of skill level, the two limits have played nearly identical. There are 2-3 good to very good players at each table and 1-2 average to bad players. I do feel fortunate to be up close to 10K today, I'd be pretty sick if I was down another 10K.

My plan at this point is to make 30-60 my main game and use 15-30 or 50-100 as fillers depending on how those games are. I do not plan on sitting at a 30-60 table with 5 regulars though and those tables do exist during the day. I think it's pretty pointless to play in a game where it's doubtful anybody has greater than a .5 BB/100 edge over anyone else.

I have played a ton of hands this weekend and as a result am less than one day behind in the VPP chase. By the end of the day I should be caught up (finally!). I am heading to Vegas this weekend and would like to get ahead of pace before my trip.

On a completely unrelated sports note, I was sick when I heard Garnett is out of the playoffs for the Celtics. I don't think they have any chance of beating Cleveland or the Lakers without him. In any event, I'll still be rooting for them.

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