Thursday, June 18, 2009

2K No Limit

Well I finally got some cards but busted late in Level 8 about 200 spots from the money. I was dealt Aces 3 times, Kings 3 times, and AK 6 times all in the first 6 levels. I actually could have been knocked out pretty early, I was down to about 2K in chips from my 6K starting stack early in level 2. I built it back up to 6500 or so when I tripled up with TT late in level 4:

A good player raised from first position and I called in late position with TT and a very good player after me also called. Both players had me covered at the start of the hand. The flop was J97 with two diamonds, I had the T of diamonds. The early position raiser led out for a little more than half the pot, I called, and the player on the button raised. The initial raiser flat called and I moved all in for my remaining 4500 or so. The button immediately moved in for about 15K and the initial raiser thought a long time before folding QQ face up. The button ended up showing A4 of diamonds for the nut flush draw which was the ideal situation for me. We were off to the races and fortunately my hand held up.

I was up to ~21K going into the last hand before the dinner break. Everyone was getting up from the table and there was a very tight player in the big blind so it was no surprise to me when a good aggressive player to my right raised in late position. I reraised with KQ and everyone folded, the initial raiser called. The flop was QJJ, he checked and I checked. The turn was a T, he checked again and I bet about 2/3 of the pot and he called. The river was an 8, he checked and I thought a while before checking figuring he probably had AT and was unlikely to pay off a river bet. He actually had Q9 and rivered a straight so that brought me down to 16K.

From there nothing really eventful happened. I raised several times with marginal hands and was forced to fold when I was 3-bet. I was down to about 10K at the end of level 8 - blinds were 400-800 with a 75 ante. The button raised to 2200 or so and I moved in from the small blind with KQ. He called with 55 and his fives ended up holding up.

Next up is the 2K Limit Event tomorrow, that may be my last event before the main event.

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