Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hellmuth/Keating Feud

I sat with Alex Keating for the last few levels of day 1 and he was a loud, sometimes annoying 21 year old kid who never stopped talking. He didn't seem like a bad person, he just didn't know when to be quiet. He said it was the furthest he had made in a live tournament and that he didn't play limit hold-em and I think he was telling the truth.

Fast forward to Day 2 and we're down to 27 players and redraw tables. Keating and Hellmuth are sitting across from each other in the 2 and 6 seats, I'm next to Keating in the 3 seat. Keating starts harassing Hellmuth asking him really stupid things like, "Buddy, can I wear your bracelet?". Hellmuth actually isn't taking it too bad but eventually says, "Listen I've met people in every sport with championship rings and I've never asked one of them to wear it. You're the first person that's asked me that question and I don't think it's appropriate". Keating's response is, "Why isn't that appropriate, I just want to wear it?". This went on for about two minutes and then Hellmuth said, "If you don't stop talking to me, I'm going to get call the floor and you'll get a penalty". At this point Keating started to lose it and started screaming, "Go ahead call the floor! I'm just talking, is that against the rules!". The floor came over and both players were given a warning. From this point it was Phil that was really upset and wouldn't let it go. He was telling the floor guy to go get some high up manager, that it wasn't acceptable to him. And as soon as the floor guy left, it was Phil that started talking to Keating. And that's all Keating needed to start going crazy and yelling again. From there the head floor guy came over and basically said if anyone at this table says anything out of line to anyone else, they're getting a penalty. I felt like I was in a kindergarten classroom and our teacher was yelling at us all to behave. And that's pretty much it.

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