Saturday, June 13, 2009

Event 28 $1500 No-Limit Hold-Em

I got knocked out early in level 5. We started with 4500 chips and I drew another great starting table. I managed to run my chip stack up to almost 15K during the first two levels. The 3rd level I took a few hits losing a race against an all-in player and then running Kings into Aces. That had me down to about 7500, I was able to build back up to almost 17K going into Level 5 and then disaster struck in 2 hands. I played probably the worst tournament hand I've ever played, trying to bluff 3 streets against the biggest stack at the table. I had flopped a straight draw and decided I could bluff my opponent off a pair assuming he had one - unfortunately he flopped a set and filled up on the river. I still had about 5K left but was knocked out when I cold-called a raise from the small blind against a late position aggressive raiser, the big blind also called. The flop was A34 and it was checked to the raiser who bet about 2/3 pot. I moved in and the big blind tanked for a while and eventually called with AJ. In hindsight re-raising pre-flop would have worked out better but with blinds at 100-200 and a stack of 25 big blinds, I didn't want to open myself up to an all-in raise by my opponent by raising to 9 big blinds.

This one stung a bit going from a big stack to busto in a matter of minutes. With the exception of one hand I think I played one of my best tournaments. Unfortunately with no-limit tournaments, one poorly played hand is all it takes to undo all the other well played hands.

Next up either the 2K No-Limit on Monday or the 10K Limit Championship also on Monday. I'd really like to play the limit event but I can't bring myself to put up 10K. I might play some satellites tomorrow and see if I can get in that way.

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  1. Hi, you said: "one poorly played hand is all it takes to undo all the other well played hands." and you are absolutelly right. I have never thought about it but it is true, one hand could destroy what we have built (a chip stack) with many (effort) hands.
    Good luck and skill at the tables!