Sunday, June 21, 2009

Out in 15th

I'm pretty disappointed right now but happy I went out swinging. I fluctuated between 6 and 20 big bets for most of the day and reached about 200K in chips when we were down to 18 players. It was all or nothing for me, I pushed every small edge I had from start to finish with the sole intention of winning every chip. There was no coasting to the final table and unfortunately things just didn't work out the last three or four hands I played. Most of the action was covered here if anyone's interested :

I will try to blog about more details tomorrow including the whole Hellmuth/Keating feud - I was sitting right next to Keating while it all went on. To clarify the last hand, I had T7s which I raised 1 seat off the button. I had 34K in chips to start the hand and blinds were 4000-8000. My opponent called from the big blind and the flop was 467. My opponent led out for 8000, I raised to 16000 and told him I only had 2000 left. Apparantly he didn't hear me because he just called the 8000. As the dealer flipped the turn card which was an Ace, the player turned his AK over. Two people at the table told him that I had 2K in chips left to which I said don't tell him what to do. Once he realized what they were saying, he bet the 2K. It wasn't a big deal but had he checked (entirely possible since he really didn't seem to know what was going on), then I would have checked behind, folded to a river bet and had 2K left. This could have easily been enough to get me into another pay slot given that it would have been 5 more hands before I'd be forced to put in my last 2K. I didn't belabor the issue though, I shook hands with a few players and walked away.

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  1. You played well especially with those skillful players and I am proud of you! I've been watching the actions at one site from 5pm (my time) to 3am and that's when 16 players were left. It's fun reading the blogs that describe the actions and I've been wondering about Phil and Alex and their dispute. Anyway, at least you got something out of the tourney and again I am proud of you.