Saturday, October 10, 2009

October Update

It's been a slow month for me in terms of hands, I've played about 13K so far but plan on picking up the pace. I'm happy with how I've been playing and the results have been good so far.

However, 50-100 continues to be my nemesis. I hadn't been playing much of it the past month or so but I'd been running well and feeling good. Last Saturday night I saw an average player sitting alone and another pretty good 5-handed game going. I decided the time was right to jump back in. Bad idea. I went on what is quite possibly the worst 500 hand stretch I've been through. At the very least, the worst I remember. I lost 16 thousand and 160 big bets. It was like someone flipped the doom switch and I couldn't win a hand. It's been really frustrating that this keeps happening when I decide to move up but it's not going to deter me. One of my goals before the end of the year is to start playing more in the 50 games and to at least win back the three or four hundred big bets I'm down this year. Aside from my 50-100 nightmare session I think I've run pretty well this month. And fortunately most of my luck has come at 30-60 so that helped undo the 50 damage.

I hit 800K VPPs earlier this week and earned my last milestone bonus. And down the stretch I come. Hopefully I can finish strong and start planning for next year.

Also, thanks to the two people that sent me blog ideas. I have a bunch of things I can write about and plan on doing so when I have some free time.

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  1. Man, it sure is nice wheb a plan comes together. Keep firing at the 50-100 because soon you might be killing that 100-200 game. Good luck with that and see you soon. -JG