Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm Mentioned in a Pool Book

I have mixed feelings about this. I'm reading, "Running The Table, The Legend of Kid Delicious: The Last Great American Pool Hustler" and get to the following paragraph:

“After a few small scores in Mass, Delicious took an easy $100 off a Worcester drug dealer with an inflated sense of pool skill; Bristol took $250 off a kid named Tony P. who had allegedly won a million dollars playing blackjack in a casino and lost it back to the house within a month”.

It's nice to be in a book but that isn't exactly the way I wanted to be mentioned. I don't remember much from that time period because of all the self-medication (drugs) I was taking part in. I remember Kid Delicious, he's a memorable person, but I only remember Bristol Bob's name. I don't even remember playing him although I'm sure I did at some point. And it was "only" 500K that I won and lost at blackjack. Those were some crazy times in my life, I feel very fortunate to have survived (literally) that period and be where I am today.


  1. Yes, I am glad that you survived through that time!! It's a time of uncertainty but it leads you to where you are now. Experiences (both good and bad) build strong skills in you.


    It says that there will be a movie about him....maybe they cast a character of you for 5 seconds.

  3. Man, you are becoming a name on the NOR CAL pool scene as we speak. You are playing much better now a days. Not afraid to step up and play anybody. Now where is your break cue?

  4. I know I need a break cue! Still waiting on Kenny, I'll ask him next time I see him

  5. Thanks for the article John, that was interesting. I'm sure I'll run into Kid Delicious again at some point.

    And LOL@ "Maybe they'll cast a character of you for 5 seconds." Too funny!