Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Quick Question for My Blog Readers

I was PM'ed by two people on 2+2 for my blog address which I thought was pretty cool since I didn't know either of them. It's nice to know people outside of my immediate family and circle of friends are interested in reading my blog. So, I decided to add a "stat counter" today to see how many people are actually reading and it looks like a lot more people than I thought.

So my question to anyone reading: Is there any poker related topic you would like me to blog about? If so, leave a comment here and I'll do my best. I'm running out of ideas. Admittedly I haven't been thinking too hard, I usually just blog when something pops into my head. Now that I know I have a lot of readers, I feel obliged to write more.


  1. heh, you can blame me for the 2p2 traffic, I mentioned in a thread somewhere that you had a blog but I didn't have the link on my laptop.

    I mentioned it in the context that you would be a good candidate for the new batch of team pokerstars pros - considering you will be an elite + you maintain a strong win rate in the higher games, make lots of money and have an interesting blog, I think you'd be a good choice for them. Hope you applied.

    -JLlama / JDalla

  2. Thanks JL. I did apply although I doubt they'll select me - I didn't put a whole lot of effort into the question they asked.

  3. Hi, just talked to you today at the table at PS, and although you mentioned it, I figure I can reply to this post too, since the topic really interessts me..

    What it takes to make it as a pro player, and how you schedule your days, etc.

    I have been thinking about "going pro", as the results have been good for some consecutive years, but alot of the pros discourage it, and I am afraid it could be a lonely and isolated life... as poker is a kind of "destructive" game...

    Any post on this would be right up my alley =)