Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October Update

I just hit 837K VPPs which only puts me about 20K VPPs or roughly 7 days ahead. I was sick off an on for about a week and just got back from a Reno trip so I haven't been able to play a ton of hands this month. I've been running pretty well though. I'm winning more than my fair share of big (15-20 big bet) pots, that's probably been the biggest contributing factor. I've even run well at 50-100 since my last update, finally! I'm starting to feel more comfortable with the swings in the 50 games, today I had a 10K downswing in about 400 hands and it didn't faze me.

Hopefully my good luck continues. I intend on playing a lot of hands in the next month, I can't afford to lose any more ground with the holidays coming up.


  1. So you think you will hit the million point bonus by the beginning of December? I hope you nail it down and take a nice long vacation.

  2. Thanks I think so, at least I'm hoping by then. If not, it will be mid Decemeber.